Seeing the potential of innovative technology is one … But how do you convert that awareness into products and services that are actually tangible for everyone?

The focus of in2Group is on a world where everything and everyone are connected. A smart world where connectivity plays an important role and Business Intelligence is a valuable core competence.

Co-creation as a guideline

A partnership in which co-creation plays an important role. “That is the way we prefer to work together”. With the manufacturers that provide the hardware for our solutions, to go that extra mile and to improve existing products and / or develop them together on assignment


In2Group sees a big future for Narrowband-IoT and LTE-M. “Being the pioneers we are at the beginning of all developments. There are still so many opportunities”.

In the new era of Internet of Things combined with the newest 3GPP standards in2 Group is becoming a prominent player for hardware, connectivity and platform.