Many new services are borne out of necessity following an event or entering a new stage in life. For us at in2 GROUP it was having both young kids and elderly relatives needing additional support. Coming from technical and product based backgrounds we searched for a service to allow us provide our kids with a little more freedom to be kids without turning us into nervous wrecks.

An elderly relative, who wore an SOS alarm pendant around their neck, unfortunately had a fall while outside their home but the SOS device only worked in the house. With a higher risk of falling outside the home such as when visiting the shops, we knew there had to be a better solution and we took on the task.

More than 2 year on and many blind alleys later, we located and partnered with several professional companies specialized in GPS tracking devices, NB-IoT and telecom. .

They were in the process of developing stand-alone Watch-Phones with all the features we were looking for. Following development and many, many months of testing and debugging, the GSM watch-phone has been launched in 2015.

We at in2 GROUP are proud to be the original developer and founder , for the  Watch-Phone in the Benelux, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and UK/IR were we cooperate with our distribution partners and or exclusive agents

In the new era of Internet of Things combined with the newest 3GPP standards in2 GROUP is becoming a prominent player for hardware, connectivity and platform.



Our Headquarter is located in The Netherlands.

From the beautiful City of Heteren we service Europe.