About us



The in2Group is originated by combining many years of experiences in several disciplines. International fairs, Sales, Telecom and Technique. A multidiscipline company is born.

Core value:       ABC – Always Be Connected.

New technologies make it possible to connect everything and everybody and cross mixed.

The 1st milestone was introducing a GSM Watch Phone in 2015 for Kids (4-11yr) and becoming marketleader.

The 2nd milestone is introducing the first NB-IoT wearable in 2017 in Europe together with T-Mobile.

The 3th milestone is connecting several NB-IoT and LTE-M devices for the purpose of Making Cities Smart in 2018.
Smart acces control | Smart Waste | Smart Parking

The 4th milestone is introducing a wearable for healthcare. Especially the focus on dementia and Alzheimer. These wearables are connected on a medical certified platform. It gives the caretaker, the caregiver and relatives a safe feeling knowing they are connected to each other.